Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture





“Is gene manipulation really harmful in agriculture?”

“With the huge world population organic farming is not sustainable to feed everybody where drought, diseases can kill entire crops or herds. True or false?”

You have a couple of questions here, let me start with “Is gene manipulation really harmful in agriculture?”

It could be either but Gene Manipulation has never been proven to be safe.

Let’s start there, where we are today.

Excerpted from an article by Dr. Thierry Vrain

I know well that Canada does not perform long term feeding studies as they do in Europe. The only study I am aware of from Canada is from the Sherbrooke Hospital in 2011, when doctors found that 93% of pregnant women and 82% of the fetuses tested had the protein pesticide in their blood. This is a protein recognized in its many forms as mildly to severely allergenic. There is no information on the role played by rogue proteins created by the process of inserting transgenes in the middle of a genome. But there is a lot of long term feeding studies reporting serious health problems in mice and rats. The results of the first long term feeding studies of lab rats reported last year in Food and Chemical Toxicology show that they developed breast cancer in mid life and showed kidney and liver damage. The current statistic I read is that North Americans are eating 193 lbs of GMO food on average annually. That includes the children I assume, not that I would use that as a scare tactic. But obviously I wrote at length because I think there is cause for alarm and it is my duty to educate the public.

Dr. Thierry Vrain, Former Pro-GMO Scientist, Speaks Up Against Glyphosate

Monsanto Investigation 5


Evidence of GMO harm in pig study – GMO Judy Carman

Animal Evidence | GMO EVIDENCE

Human Evidence | GMO EVIDENCE

Lab Evidence | GMO EVIDENCE

Genetically Modified Food, panacea or poison? Full documentary

Next you claim – “organic farming is not sustainable” Organic farming is sustainable AND, it might be able to feed the planet, though I acknowledge that some conventional farming practices may require the use of some petrochemicals, that’s not what GMO has brought us, chemical use has sky rocketed as have our autism and cancer rates.

NAS Report Shows GM Crops ‘Clearly Not the Answer to World Hunger’ – Sustainable Pulse – excerpt – The report also found there was no evidence that GMO crops have improved yields. The report found “no significant change in the rate at which crop yields increase could be discerned from the data.”

Even if it’s true that 100% organic cannot, at this time, sustain the planet, even though we use chemicals in conventional farming, they are not causing the health problems that Genetically Modified Organisms are, so that would still be no valid reason to continue to produce foods known to be toxic, never proven safe by the corporations who now control almost all the seeds.

Our current practices are unsustainable and Genetically Modified Organisms are a complete failure.

Losing Ground Uploaded on 6 Apr 2011

GM Crops Farmer to Farmer – Uploaded on 14 Jun 2011

Uploaded on 3 Mar 2009 Willie Smits: How to restore a rainforest

Farmers using Genetically Modified Organisms, which have never been proven to be safe, are allowed to STEAL LAND AND CROPS from organic and conventional farmers!!

Genetically Modified Organism are not sustainable!

The Future of Food – Introduction Uploaded on 12 Nov 2007



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