Court: GMA unlawfully hid donors’ identities from public

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via Court: GMA unlawfully hid donors’ identities from public.

EXCERPT: Under the law, sanctions for campaign finance disclosure violations can include a penalty equal to the amount not reported as required. If the court finds that the violation was intentional, that penalty amount can be tripled.

Court: GMA unlawfully hid donors’ identities from public

Washington State Office of Attorney General Bob Ferguson, 11 Mar 2016

* AG Ferguson prevails in landmark campaign finance lawsuit; penalty decision to come

In a decision made public today, a Thurston County Superior Court judge ruled the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association violated Washington campaign finance disclosure laws by shielding the identities of major corporate donors funding efforts to defeat a food labeling initiative in Washington.

“This landmark case has been a long fight for accountability,” Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. “This ruling sends an unequivocal message: Big money donors cannot evade Washington law…

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Microcephaly: Zika, pesticides, and profits

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via Microcephaly: Zika, pesticides, and profits.

Article from GMWatch –

Microcephaly: Zika, pesticides, and profits

The epidemic that put Latin America on high alert has left open questions about its causes and the accumulation of economic interests that have converged around the scourge

The potential causes of the reported microcephaly outbreak in Brazil are once again under the spotlight with the publication of an article (below) by Roberto Rovasio, former lead researcher at Conicet, the Argentine government’s main research institute.

The most widely promoted explanation for the microcephaly cases is that they are caused by the Zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes.

However, not everyone agrees that the Zika virus is the only, or even the chief, suspect. Dr Rovasio names several potential causes or contributing factors. These include the pesticides that are being sprayed to combat mosquitoes, as well as the lack of sanitation, and of piped…

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Americans alleging Roundup-linked cancer file lawsuit against Monsanto

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“Monsanto’s misinformation campaign is costing lives,” Miller, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of California residents Brenda and James Huerta, stated. “Brenda and James’ lawsuit will force Monsanto to face the human consequences of their lives.”

via Americans alleging Roundup-linked cancer file lawsuit against Monsanto.

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Monsanto Puss-Milk invades Canada

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Canadians, have you read the labels on your cheeses, your ice creams, your milk, your butter…  Does it say 100% Canadian Milk?  Does it say Hormone-Free?  Does it say Antibiotic-Free?



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A Retired Professor Takes a Newspaper Columnist to Task for her Column About Tainted Milk and “Junk Science.”

 Dear Editor,
In her preamble, Ms. Wente suggests that “we need to blow the whistle on junk science”. I agree, but we need to do the same on junk journalism, which is exemplified by her article. My understanding is that journalism’s first obligation is to tell the truth (i.e. the whole truth, and not half-truths & tainted opinions; as is the case with Ms Wente’s piece). 
For example, she states that: The (bovine) growth hormone, also known as rBST, which stimulates the cow’s…

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Genetically Modified Cannabis

Republished article Link Monsanto, Bayer and the Push for Corporate Cannabis — Patients for Medical Cannabis

(Photo: Adria Vidal) Ellen Brown California’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) is a voter initiative characterized as legalizing marijuana use. But critics warn that it will actually make access more difficult and expensive, squeeze home growers and small farmers out of the market, heighten criminal sanctions for violations, and open the door to patented, […]

via Monsanto, Bayer and the Push for Corporate Cannabis — Patients for Medical Cannabis

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